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One to One

Through a series of mobility drills and props you will learn how to safely improve your strength, flexibility, range of motion, alignment and body awareness. This will be adapted to push and challenge all levels through active and static stretches.

For each session make sure you have 2 blocks, a strap and preferably wall space.

More Information

Once you have booked you will receive a free 15 minute consultation to talk about your individual practice and goals.

In Person Private Single Session 60 minutes - £45.00

In Person Private Block of 4 60 minutes- £160.00 (£40/session)

Zoom Private Single Session 60 minutes- £40.00

Zoom Sessions Block of 4 60 minutes- £140.00 (£35/session)


Small Private Group

An additional £5 per person for up to 4 people

£10 per person for 5 people or more

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