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Hi, I'm Jen. Thank you for taking the time to read my page.

My aim is to help you move more freely and feel good in your body. This is achieved in a mindful way in order to be flexible but strong.

My Story

I got in to yoga because my previous job caused me to feel stressed and frustrated. I felt like there was no room for creativity anymore. I was conforming to what was being asked of me, not necessarily what I thought was right or wanted to do so whenever I got on my mat I felt a sense of space and freedom. There was something special about connecting movement to breath.


I guess that's why my classes are light hearted, creative and allow for students to take ownership of their practice with more focus on sensation rather than alignment - a complete contrast to how I was feeling before!


I qualified in 2016 but having found my passion and purpose I always want to learn more. This has led to further training in anatomy, creative sequencing courses and working with other advanced instructors and practitioners in and outside of yoga to develop my own personal style and teaching. Currently I am studying to become a certified personal trainer.


As well as group classes, I enjoy working on a one to one basis as you can really focus on specific needs and goals.

I work with both men and women and have a particular interest in working with people from a sporting background, helping them to enhance their sports performance.

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