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About my classes

Similar to vinyasa or “flow”, the class consists of postures, movement and transitions (the connection of one posture to the next), synchronising movement with breath. By moving in a mindful and curious way it will enable you to fully connect with your body and be completely absorbed in the moment, bringing you in to a 'flow state'. Through purposeful and creative sequencing, you will have a chance to explore and discover ways to get the most out of YOUR practice.

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The benefits of yoga

  • Improves flexibility

  • Improves balance and co-ordination

  • Improves mobility and range of movement

  • Strengthens muscles and joints

  • Builds core strength

  • Prevents injury by improving flexibility, strengthening movement patterns and addressing muscle imbalances

Yoga of course isn't just a physical practice. It's also a mental practice.


  • Allows for more body awareness 

  • Slows down your breathing and relaxes your nervous system

  • Improved ability to focus and concentrate

  • Helps relieve stress

Whether you are practicing to enhance your lifestyle or sports performance yoga will bring  out the best in you.

Young Man doing Physical Exercise
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